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Top Historical Places to Visit in Jordan Explore Petra; Tour Little Petra; Travel to Amman and See the Roman Theatre and the Citadel; See Jerash; Take a Tour of Ajloun Castle; Walk to the Seven Sleepers Cave; See the Mosaics in Madaba; Climb to the Top of Mount Nebo; Explore Bethany Beyond the Jordan; Trek Through Tell Mar Elias; Take a Trip to the Desert Castle Historical Places in Jordan. ©. World heritage site · Historic Site. Petra , Petra - Wadi Musa. 4.6. Originally built over 2,000 years ago by the Arab Nabataeans, Petra serves as a representative example of ancient rock-cut architecture and w more. Tours from $5. ©. Ruin Places to visit near Chennai; Hi User; Add Review; 08048733800; Plan A Trip; Post FREE Package. Jerash is also known as Gerasa, and the Greco-Roman ruins are situated about 50 km from Amman city.The city is certainly among the best places to visit in Jordan for all those who love visiting ancient ruins. These are one of the best-preserved Roman ruins and great for a day-long trip from Amman. Travelers love the rolling hills and valleys that surround Jerash with plum, olive, and pine trees

Ajlun is the city of natural and historical fusion, where its timeless historical fortress and its rare wildlife can be appreciated. Ajlun Castle dominates a giant hilltop, which back in the day took benefit of its position as protector of the commercial trade routes passing by to Syria The history of Jordan refers to the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the background period of the Emirate of Transjordan under British protectorate as well as the general history of the region of Transjordan. There is evidence of human activity in Transjordan as early as the Paleolithic period

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An overview of the best places to visit in Jordan: 10. Madaba. flickr/Uwe Brodrecht. Just south of the capital is Madaba, a small town known for its religious structures and its ancient art. Most notably, it is known for the Madaba Map, a mosaic from the sixth century that shows a map of Jerusalem and other holy sites. If you're. Petra is an iconic ancient site in southern Jordan. A secret to all but the Bedouins until 1812, Petra's incredible monuments are now considered to be one of the wonders of the world. A secret to all but the Bedouins until 1812, Petra's incredible monuments are now considered to be one of the wonders of the world Jordan isn't all about touring the past though, and you'll only have to look to the lively streets of Aqaba on the Red Sea for world-class diving, or the downtown areas of Amman - the capital - for a burgeoning nightlife scene and up-coming modern art to boot. Lets explore the best places to visit in Jordan: 1. Petr

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  1. Jordan is formally known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is at the western portion of Asia and is enclosed by Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. It really is comprised mainly of deserts and plateaus
  2. The Martyrs' Memorial And Museum. 4.5 (51 Votes) Museum, Park, Memorial. This is a simple museum that follows Jordan's history in the 20th century, focusing on military history from the Arabian Revolt in 1916 to the Arab-Israeli wars. Documents, weapons, clothing and vehicles make up the bulk of the collection here
  3. Jordan Historic Sites: See reviews and photos of 10 historic sites in Jordan, Middle East on Tripadvisor
  4. utes beside Jordan river where on the other side you can see people from Israel also visiting the place. This is the actual place (the river has moved a bit West since biblical times), and it has reeds and a platform

Temple of Hercules is a historic site in the Amman Citadel in Amman, Jordan. It is thought to be the most significant Roman structure in th Places to Visit in Jordan, Middle East: See Tripadvisor's 3,43,539 traveller reviews and photos of Jordan tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend or in January. We have reviews of the best places to see in Jordan. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions My tour of Jordan, 201 Jordan is a sovereign Arab state in the Middle East. The capital, Amman, is Jordan's most populous city as well as the country's economic, political and cultural centre. Its major tourist attractions include visiting historical sites, like the worldwide famous Petra, the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, Madaba, numerous medieval mosques and churches, and unspoiled natural locations, as well as observing cultural and religious sites and traditions. Jordan also offers health tourism, which is focused i Hidden in a secluded valley surrounded by Jordan's rugged mountains, Petra was lost from the world for hundreds of years until being rediscovered in the 1800s. Recently voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is now Jordan's leading tourist attraction. To reach Petra you walk through a narrow 1.2km gorge, known as the Siq

Historical Tours & Trips in Jordan Step back in time and learn the secrets of ancient times on a historical tour of Jordan. With 137 tours, you're sure to visit the best historical places packed full of stories from days long ago Jordan - Jordan - History: Jordan occupies an area rich in archaeological remains and religious traditions. The Jordanian desert was home to hunters from the Early Paleolithic Period; their flint tools have been found widely distributed throughout the region. In the southeastern part of the country, at Mount Al-Ṭubayq, rock carvings date from several prehistoric periods, the earliest of.

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The city of Petra seems to be the beginning and the end of a magical journey in Jordan for many visitors. In fact, the Nabataean city of Petra is so spectacular that it is not only famous in Jordan but also the entire Middle East. This sight is something you should not miss if visiting this country. It can easily riva The marvels of nature and the genius of medieval Arab military architecture have given northern Jordan two of the most important ecological and historical attractions in the Middle East: the sprawling pine forests of the Ajlun-Dibbine area, and the towering Ayyubid castle at Ajlun, which helped to defeat the Crusaders eight centuries ago.Ajlun.

With its unique blend of old and new, Amman's most unique historical destination is what is known as the Citadel - a hill with ruins of the Temple of Hercules, an Ummayyad Place and a Byzantine Church. Capping this destination off is a 6,000 seat Roman theatre Jordan's written history begins in Biblical times, with the kingdoms of Ammon, Moab, and Edom, which are mentioned in the Old Testament. The Roman Empire conquered much of what is now Jordan, even taking in 103 CE the powerful trading kingdom of the Nabateans, whose capital was the intricately carved city of Petra Historical place of baptism of Jesus Christ in Jordan. Al-Maghtas, is an archaeological world heritage site on the east bank of Jordan river, officially known as Baptism Site Bethany Beyond the Jordan Jordan River in Al-Maghtas - historical place of baptism of Jesus Christ in Jordan, is world heritage site on east bank of Jordan river, officially known as Baptism Site Bethany Beyond the Jordan royalty free stock video and stock footage. Download this video clip and other motion backgrounds, special effects, After Effects templates and more

John the Baptist Spring. Historical place of baptism of Jesus Christ in Jordan. Al-Maghtas,is an archaeological world heritage site on east bank of Jordan river, Baptism Site Bethany Beyond the Jordan The Jordan Village Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Portions of the content on this web page were adapted from a copy of the original nomination document Machaerus. Current Location: Jordan. This ancient desert fortress, located just over 30 km to the southwest of Madaba, Jordan, sits atop a hill overlooking the Dead Sea aj i aj ii aj iii aj iv aj v aj vi aj vii aj viii aj ix aj x aj xi aj xii aj xiii aj xiv aj xv aj xvi aj xvii aj xviii aj xix aj xx aj xxi aj xx2 aj xx3 aj 2009 aj.

Rituals and Holy Places. Jordan has a rich religious history. For Jews and Christians, it is part of the Holy Land, sacred for its connection to the Jewish patriarchs Abraham and Moses, as well as Christian biblical figures such as John the Baptist Image Source. Meet the boss of Indian historical places.If you consider the top 10 historical places in India, Taj Mahal will always be ranking high in the list. Explore the ultimate epitome of love, the Taj Mahal, whose grandeur remains unmatched in history and today this is one of the weekend getaways from Delhi.This opulent white marble structure was commissioned to be built in 1632 by Shah. Jordan is a land steeped in history. It has been home to some of mankind's earliest settlements and villages, and relics of many of the world's great civilizations can still be seen today. As the crossroads of the Middle East, the lands of Jordan and Palestine have served as a strategic nexus connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe Historical place of baptism of Jesus Christ in Jordan. Al-Maghtas, is an archaeological world heritage site on the east bank of Jordan river, officially known as Baptism Site Bethany Beyond the Jordan royalty free stock video and stock footage. Download this video clip and other motion backgrounds, special effects, After Effects templates and more

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It probably goes without saying that Jordan is an absolutely beautiful country to visit. There is literally an incredible amount of history, delicious - 11 Best Places In Jordan To Visit - Travel, Travel Advice - Jordan, Middle East - Travel, Food and Home Inspiration Blog with door-to-door Travel Planner The answer is the modern-day kingdom of Jordan. When we read in the Bible about things that happened on the east side of the Jordan, we're reading about events that took place in present-day Jordan. Every year many tourists flock to the Holy Land of Israel, without realizing that the Land of the Bible includes its neighbour Jordan Air Jordan 1. The Jordans that started it all. The Air Jordan 1 is the most important model in sneaker history. Find every essential Air Jordan 1 High colorway here, as well as the many releases of the Air Jordan 1 Low and Air Jordan 1 Mid The Jordan House Museum. The Jordan House, a stately Victorian home of Italianate Gothic design, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program. It is one of the oldest structures in Polk County and the oldest in West Des Moines The most important places in Christian History are not all located in the Holy Land, though Israel holds the three most important sites in Christianity

9 historic places in Saudi Arabia that aren't Mecca or Medina Petra in Jordan is the more internationally famous Nabatean city, The origin of this historic district in Riyadh is the Murabba' Palace, which was built between 1936 and 1937 by King Abdul Aziz. Decades later, the old palace compound was restored and remodeled Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia,Archaeological Sites Historic Sites in North Africa Information and details on Ancient and Historic buildings, sites and places currently available to view in North Africa The terrain between Jordan and Circle is famous among paleontologists for its fantastic fossil beds. Dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures once roamed here. In 1904, Tyrannosaurus Rex was discovered near Jordan in the Hell Creek Formation. Visitors can glimpse area history and fossil exhibits at the Garfield County Museum

Where to go, best places to stay, travel tips and and best holiday destinations - inspiration from the experts at Lonely Planet Background: For most of its history since independence from British administration in 1946, Jordan was ruled by King HUSSEIN (1953-99). A pragmatic ruler, he successfully navigated competing pressures from the major powers (US, USSR, and UK), various Arab states, Israel, and a large internal Palestinian population, through several wars and coup attempts West Des Moines Historical Society - Historic Buildings THE JORDAN HOUSE MUSEUM The Jordan House, a stately Victorian home of Italianate Gothic design, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program... Please note that some of the places featured on this site cannot be verified for certain. The knowledge of these places has been passed down through the ages and in some cases more than one location make claim to hosting the same historical place. In such instances IslamicLandmarks.com has shown the most commonly believed site

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The Jordan Village Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. Portions of the content on this web page were adapted from a copy of the original nomination document Today the Jordan Historical Museum on the Twenty has done an excellent job of recreating life in rural Upper Canada in the early 1800's. The Fry House, originally built in 1815 is a fine example of an early Pennsylvanian Mennonite homestead. St. John's, Jordan, Anglican-Episicipal Churc Irbid is an important historical town with architecture from the ancient times with a number of archaeological sites. Irbid serves as an educational center with such institutions as the Jordan University of Science and Technology, an important agricultural center due to its fertile soils making it the most active agricultural producer in Jordan Air Jordan. Since 1985, the sneakers with Michael Jordan's name and world-renowned Jumpman silhouette have helped define and shape sneaker culture. It began with a standard Nike high-top and evolved with daring designs with each iteration

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Historical Personalities Leaders Find out more about the greatest Jordanians, including Sirhan Sirhan, Abdullah II of Jordan, Queen Rania of Jordan, Khaled Mashal and King Hussein of Jordan. Mose Most of Amman's noteworthy historical sites are clustered in the downtown area, which sits at the bottom of four of Amman's seven hills, or jabals. The ancient Citadel, which towers above the city from atop Jabal al-Qala'a, is a good place to begin a tour of the city. The Citadel is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon, and excavations here. West Jordan Historical Museum. Opened in 1999, the West Jordan Historical Museum is run by the West Jordan Historical Society and is housed in a traditional Utah homestead in the center of an area of the city's main park. The museum has a series of buildings including a blacksmiths and a granary A diverse country packed with iconic cities, sprawling deserts and ancient realms, Jordan is a must for any traveller who loves history and adventure. Iconic Petra An essential part of any trip to Jordan, you'll explore the ancient tombs and temples preserved in the lost city of Petra Since the Jordan River plays a larger role in the biblical narratives than it may have played historically, it is difficult to describe the river's place in history; it is perhaps more appropriate to talk about the river's place in Israelite (that is, biblical) history writing

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  1. Map of Jordan and travel information about Jordan brought to you by Lonely Planet. Search Lonely Planet. Search. Destinations. Best in Travel 2021. Featured. Africa. Antarctica. Asia. Australia & Pacific. Caribbean. Central America. Europe. Middle East. North America. South America. See All Countries.
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  3. d-bending landscapes you can't miss. Ancient Buildings Ancient Architecture Ancient Ruins Ancient History Places To Travel Places To See Places Around The World Around The Worlds City Of.
  4. Petra is an ancient city that lies in present-day Jordan and dates back to the fourth century B.C. Ruins of the once-great metropolis and trading center now serve as an important archeologic site.
  5. The three baptism locations - the Baptism Site/Al Maghtas in Jordan, Qasr al Yehud in the West Bank, and the Yardenit Baptismal Site in Israel - present themselves as religious places focused on biblical history and archaeological remains, and gloss over the many other narratives that play out along the river
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  7. The course of the Jordan River begins in the northeast corner of the Hulah Valley of Israel, running south to the Sea of Galilee (also called the Kinneret) and then on to the Dead Sea near Jericho. The river is approximately 250 kilometers long. Throughout history, the Jordan has been an essential natural feature in a land marked by political and religious conflict

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Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Jordan Ingram on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Trusted by millions of genealogists since 2003. Jordan Ray Ingram was born on month day 1981, at birth place,. AMMAN: Jordanian MPs are set to deliberate the 2021 state budget bill, which the government has described as the most difficult in the kingdom's history. The government submitted the draft. Petra is the most well-known archaeological site in Jordan, but the country is filled with other places of great biblical significance. Most Christians have no idea that several major events of both the Old and New Testaments took place here.2 Jordan is so tied to the Bible's history that its very name comes from the biblical river. Jordan's border today, as the eagle flies, is only twenty miles from Jerusalem Go beyond the guidebook and explore this city's ancient history with these great reads: Petra: Jordan's Extraordinary Ancient City: This is a beautiful hardcover print book that you can find for just a few dollars online. It has a well-told history of the city and beautiful photographs 2002 September - Jordan and Israel agree on a plan to pipe water from the Red Sea to the shrinking Dead Sea. The project, costing $800m, is the two nations' biggest joint venture to date

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Funding from the National Trust is awarded to nonprofit organizations and public agencies, and the majority of our funding is awarded for planning and education projects through our National Trust Preservation Funds grant program Air Jordan 13. Michael Jordan's reputation for cat-like reflexes on the court inspired designer Tinker Hatfield to unleash the spirit of the panther for the Air Jordan 13. The sole was modeled after a panther's paw print and included holograms on the bottom and by the ankle to represent a cat's glowing eyes History . In biblical times, the country that is now Jordan contained the lands of Edom, Moab, Ammon, and Bashan. Together with other Middle Eastern territories, Jordan passed in turn to the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, and, about 330 B.C., the Seleucids. Conflict between the Seleucids and the Ptolemies enabled the Arabic-speaking. All ACT Historic Places sites will be closed from Mon 14 Dec 2020 for the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Lanyon will re-open Thu 7 Jan 2021, Calthorpes' House will re-open Sat 9 Jan 2021 and Mugga-Mugga will re-open Sat 6 Feb 2021

For other places with the same name, see Jordan (disambiguation).. Jordan (الأردنّ al-Urdunn) is a country in Middle East that is almost land-locked save for a small 28km outlet on the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba and a frontage on the Dead Sea).It's bordered by Israel and the West Bank (Territory of Undetermined Permanent Status) to the west, by Syria to the north, by Iraq to the east. Petra, Jordan is one of the world's most famous archaeological sites, where ancient Eastern traditions blend with Hellenistic architecture. The lost city of Petra - named as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World - is a majestic place that is thousands of years old, yet it still holds hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled kutalayna - Jordan River Levee; The Tasmanian Heritage Register operates under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 and protects built heritage. In Tasmania, an Aboriginal historical place on the Register is the F ormer Methodist Church at Nicholls Rivulet Plan a Great Day Out. Shops, food and toilets are available just over two miles away in Weymouth. A short distance away from Jordan Hill is the impressive hillfort of Maiden Castle near Dorchester, with a history stretching from Neolithic to late Roman times. Five miles up the coast you'll find Portland Castle, one of Henry VIII's finest coastal fortresses Shop the latest selection of Jordan Shoes at Foot Locker. Find the hottest sneaker drops from brands like Jordan, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, and a bunch more. Free shipping for FLX members

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Historic Photographer of the Year showcases the world's very best historic places and cultural sites from across the globe, capturing everything from the most famous national treasures to obscure and forgotten hidden gems All of these cool places feature something special, whether it's history, culture, scenery, wildlife. Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town is situated at the tip of the African Continent and the only way to understand and enjoy this amazing and interesting place is by experiencing the unique range of multicultural lifestyles and scenic national. From the name of the river that flows between the countries of Jordan and Israel. The river's name in Hebrew is יַרְדֵן (Yarden), and it is derived from יָרַד (yarad) meaning descend or flow down.In the New Testament John the Baptist baptizes Jesus Christ in its waters, and it was adopted as a personal name in Europe after crusaders brought water back from the river to baptize. Jordan married Unknown Arvidsson (born Nilsdotter) in 1589, at age 25 at marriage place. was born in 1568, in of Brickegården, Karlskoga, Örebro, Sweden. They had 9 children: Ingeborg Persson (born Jordansdotter) , Nils Jordansson and 7 other children Air Jordan 7 (VII) History. Tinker Hatfield could be inspired by anything when it comes to the Air Jordan line. On the Air Jordan 7 when Tinker was in Portland, he saw a poster that was African art, influenced by an Afropop Worldwide. The person in the poster was playing a guitar shaped like Africa. Around the time when Tinker was ready to.

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  1. Find the historic places that helped to shape the city long before it became the global city it is today. SurveyLA. SurveyLA is the first comprehensive program to identify significant historic resources throughout the City of Los Angeles, and is scheduled to be completed in 2017. HistoricPlacesLA includes SurveyLA data published to date
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  3. Tourist Arrivals in Jordan increased to 81.80 Thousand in October from 45.50 Thousand in September of 2020. Tourist Arrivals in Jordan averaged 658.35 Thousand from 2002 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 1680.70 Thousand in July of 2010 and a record low of 0 Thousand in April of 2020. This page provides - Jordan Tourist Arrivals - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart.
  4. For over 60 years, USAID has partnered with the Government of Jordan to strengthen the Kingdom's water security by expanding and rehabilitating water supply systems, training hundreds of water experts, and building and renovating water networks and water and wastewater treatment plants. Today, USAID continues this partnership by improving water and wastewater infrastructure
  5. jordan tourism board Please Select Language / Region Select English - International English - North America English - UK عربي Deutsch Français Español Italiano Mexico Indian Português Русский 日本語 简体中文 繁體中
  6. The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and.

Texas History: The Life and Legacy of Barbara Jordan. msn back to msn home video. powered by Microsoft News. Skip To Navigation; NOW PLAYING: People & Places Texas History: The Life and Legacy. Find Air Jordan 1 Shoes at Nike.com. Become a Nike Member for the best products, inspiration and stories in sport Jordan is a very small country with limited natural resources and with a history marked by sudden extreme reconfigurations of territory and population. Its economy is intertwined with neighboring ones, be they Palestine's or that of oil-producing states such as Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia Check out the special-edition footwear and apparel, which includes an Air Jordan V Low, Jordan Delta Breathe, Air Jordan XXXV and Air Jordan I Low OG. 2021.01.12. Family Welcome to the Family, Chase. The star rookie receiver talks about his journey from Canada to the NFL, representing the Jumpman on the field and his rookie season

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1,026 Followers, 230 Following, 436 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ACT Historic Places (@acthistoricplaces Travel & Transportation · Landmark & Historical Place. Passing from Israel to Jordan by motorbike or bicycle is forbidden, but passengers are allowed to transit from Jordan to Israel with a motorbike.</p><p>Privately owned Israeli cars may cross through the Israeli terminal and travel within Jordan after a change of license plates.

of Historic Places. 1803 Purchase of Louisiana Territory from France doubles U.S. land area. NEW HAMPSHIRE - Coos County . Aldrich, Benjamin, Homestead (added 2003 - - #03000109) E terminus of Aldrich Rd., 0.46 E of Piper Hill , Colbrook. The Jordan Hill site belongs to the end of the period of Roman occupation, when much of the economic structure was beginning to fragment, bringing changes to the social structure as well. It was apparently a small temple of a type common in Roman Britain: symmetrical in plan, with a central sanctuary or cella rising above a low columned portico. Tourist Jordan offers the largest selection of Jordan Tours including day tours, multi-day tours, packages, private tours, and more. From the essential visits such a tours to Petra and Wadi Rum, to off the beaten track sites, and experiences Jordan is the 60 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption Rank in Jordan averaged 47.61 from 1996 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 66 in 2013 and a record low of 30 in 1996. This page provides the latest reported value for - Jordan Corruption Rank - plus previous releases, historical. Start Over Collection Core Historical Literature of Agriculture Creator Jordan, Stroud, b. 1885. Cornell University Library Digital Collections. Core Historical Literature of Agriculture About the collection. Skip filters. Toggle facets Limit your search Limit your search Collection

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The Historic Jordan Springs is a mansion wedding venue with a ballroom in the greater Washington, D.C. area. This venue features stunning, well-manicured lawns and an elegant interior with a vintage air. Couples can find this venue 55 minutes from Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia. Facilities and Capacit We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Jordan is an upper middle-income country, with a population of 10 million, of which 2.9 million are non-citizens, including refugees.It is a resource-poor, food-deficit country with limited agricultural land, no oil resources and a scarce water supply. Jordan is considered a food secure country with a score of 11.2 on the 2018 Global Hunger Index, indicating that the level of hunger is moderate

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Jericho in Smiths Bible Dictionary. (place of fragrance), a city of high antiquity, situated in a plain traversed by the Jordan, and exactly over against where that river was crossed by the Israelites under Joshua. Jos 3:16 It was five miles West of the Jordan and seven miles northwest of the Dead Sea. It had a king 262k Followers, 289 Following, 850 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Michael Jordan History (@jumpmanhistory Throughout its history and background, Nike has utilized strong advertising campaigns to separate itself from its competition. Two of the most memorable marketing campaigns, Just Do It and the Air Jordan brand, cemented Nike as one of the most popular shoe brands in the world History of Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania by Boucher, John Newton, 1854-1933; Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), 1840-1921. Publication date 1906 Topics Westmoreland County (Pa.) -- History, Westmoreland County (Pa.) -- Genealogy Publisher New York, Chicago, The Lewis publishing compan

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Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps Jordan Ni Jordan is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jordan Ni Jordan and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected

Mehrab-e-Tahajjud | Islamic LandmarksMap of Baden Germany in 1800 | Historical maps, GenealogyRawdah Mubarak (Sacred chamber) | Islamic LandmarksFree High-Resolution Photos - BiblePlacesRecent Listing: 600 Building, Corpus Christi, Nueces
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